Construction Engineering and Management by Dr. S. Seetharaman

We are going to share with you Construction Engineering and Management by Dr. S. Seetharaman with you.


  1. Construction Sector in India and Education for Construction Managers
  2. Project Feasibility Reports
  3. Planning for Construction Projects
  4. Construction Contracts and Specifications
  5. Tenders and Agreements
  6. Construction Financing and Control
  7. Scheduling, Job Layout and Line of Balance
  8. Project Management through Networks
  9. Program Evaluation and Review Techniques (PERT)
  10. Critical Path Method
  11. Precedence Networks for Construction Projects
  12. Decision Network and GERT Networks
  13. Time Cost Relationship and Applications of Linear Programming
  14. Resource Allocation
  15. Project Updating
  16. Organizing for Construction
  17. Construction Equipment, Time and Motion Studies and Waiting Line Models
  18. Management of Construction Equipment
  19. Materials Management
  20. Construction Safety Management
  21. Quality Control in Construction
  22. Construction Disputes and their Settlement
  23. Economics of Project Management
  24. Artificial Intelligence in Construction Industry
  25. Valuation Engineering
  26. Management Information System in Construction Industry
  27. Human Factors in Construction
  28. Value Engineering
  29. Construction Labour and Legislation
  30. Construction for Rehabilitation of Structure
  31. Low Cost Materials for Construction
  32. Environmental Issues in Construction
  33. Departmental Procedure and Accounting
  34. Cost Control in Construction
  35. “Vaastu” in Construction
  36. Recruitment and Training of Construction Managers
  37. Disaster and its Management
  38. Strategic Construction Management
  39. Information Technology in Construction Industry
  40. Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS
  41. Form Work for Construction
  42. Rain Water Harvesting
  43. Construction Aspects in Earthquake Regions
  44. Developments in Concrete
  45. TQM in Construction
  46. Project Information Systems
  47. Green Building Planning and Design
  48. Ethics in Construction
  49. Real Estate Sector in India
  50. Geology in Construction
  51. Heating and Cooling Systems in Building
  52. Types of Foundations
  53. Planning for Sound and Acoustics in Building
  54. Drainage and Sanitation in Building
  55. Materials and Methods of Fire Protection in Building
  56. Concrete Mix Design and Proportioning of Concrete
  57. Provision of LIFTS in Building
  58. Resting of Fresh and Hardened Concrete and Non-destructive Testing
  59. Steel Reinforcing Bars
  60. Concreting Under Extreme Environmental Condition
  61. Principles of Lean Construction
  62. Building Planning Classification and Bye-Laws
  63. Planning and Design of Multi Storey Building
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