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Difference between OPC and PPC Cement and their use

Here we are going to share the difference between OPC and PPC cement. OPC is Ordinary Portland Cement and PPC is Pozzolana Portland Cement.

Below are the details

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

This cement is made by grinding small amounts of air-friendly materials (e.g., oils, resins, fats, fatty acids, etc.) with OPC.

Small bubbles are formed by chemical reactions with air during mass obstruction.

✓ Its effective to use for construction in winter areas.

✓ There are 3 grades of OPC, grade 33, grade 43, and grade 53.

✓The strength of concrete decreases to some extent.

✓ OPC is costly from PPC.

✓ Due to its high heat of hydration, it is not suitable for mass concreting.

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Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC)

Pozzolana basically means the lava that has dried up in the volcano.

Ordinary Portland Cement is modified by adding Pozzolana materials, for example, fly ash, volcanic ash, in the amount of 15% to 35% by weight. Normally, the cement is blended with fly ash and volcanic ash to obtain Pozzolana.

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✓ The main constituents of pozzolana are calcined clay and ash. This cement is made by mixing pozzolana with OPC clinker and grinding. The properties of and OPC are the same.

✓ Pozzolana comes in one grade and is stronger than grade 33 OPC after curing.

✓ Produces less heat during setting and resists the attack of sulphates and acidic water.

✓It has a slower hydration rate than OPC due to its low heat of hydration. Its used for mass concreting.

✓ It’s good for general use and marine use. Ultimate saves more energy than OPC but the setting time is the same as OPC.

✓ PPC is low-cost from OPC.

✓Compared with OPC, PPC has a low initial setting strength, but with proper curing, it will harden over time.

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Uses of OPC and PPC

It can be used in marine structures, masonry mortars, plastering, hydraulic systems, and other equipment that requires reliable performance in hostile environments. It is considered a future product since it has many applications in the construction industry. Apart from that, they are often used in large-scale concreting projects, such as dams, dykes, and sewage pipes.

OPC cement, on the other hand, is the most commonly used cement worldwide. Since the cost of production is low, it is favored by the building industry. Among its uses are buildings, roads, dams, bridges, and flyovers.

OPC is also suitable for making grouts and mortars, making it a vital component of the construction of buildings in both the residential and industrial sectors.


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