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Different Types of Cement and There Uses Sector

In construction filled there are various types of cement available. Here we discuss about different types of cement and there uses sector with IS Code.

Tipes of CementWhere UsedIS Code
Ordinary Cement  
C 33 GradeAll general Concreting worksIS 269
C-43 GradeMultistorey structures. Bridges or tall structures.IS 8112
C-53 GradePrestressed concrete workIS 12269
Rapid Hardening
Portland Cement
Road works and repairIS 8041
Low Heat Portland
Mass concrete DamsIS 12600
Portland slag cementMarine StructuresIS 455
Portland Pozzolana
Mass Concrete-Marine Structure and general
building works
IS 1489
Sulphate Resisting
Portland Cement
Marine Structures foundation in Sulphate
bearing soils
IS 12330
Hydrophobic CementSwimming pools floor of food processing
IS 8043
High Alumina CementMarine StructuresIS 6452
Super sulphate  CementMarine Structures construction of sewersIS 6909
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