Text Book of Engineering Drawing

Text book of Engineering Drawing, this book is very helpful for Diploma Civil Engineering Students.

Engineering drawing is a two dimensional representation of three dimensional objects. In general, it provides necessary information about the shape, size, surface quality, material, manufacturing process, etc., of the object. It is the graphic language from which a trained person can visualise objects. Drawings prepared in one country may be utilized in any other country irrespective of the language spoken. Hence, engineering drawing is called the universal language of engineers. Any language to be communicative, should follow certain rules so that it conveys the same meaning to every one. Similarly, drawing practice must follow certain rules, if it is to serve as a means of communication. For this purpose, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) adapted the International Standards on code of practice for drawing. The other foreign standards are: DIN of Germany, BS of Britain and ANSI of America.


  1. CHAPTER 1- Drawing Instrument and Accessories 1.1-1.5
  2. CHAPTER 2- Lettering and Dimensioning Practices 2.1-2.25
  3. CHAPTER 3- Scales 3.1-3.12
  4. CHAPTER 4- Geometrical Constructions 4.1-4.51
  5. CHAPTER 5- Orthographic Projections 5.1-5.35
  6. CHAPTER 6- Projection of Solids 6.1-6.50
  7. CHAPTER 7-Development of Surfaces 7.1-7.21
  8. CHAPTER 8-Intersection of Surfaces 8.1-8.5
  9. CHAPTER 9-Isometric Projection 9.1-9.22
  10. CHAPTER 10-Oblique and Perspective Projections 10.1-10.23
  11. CHAPTER 11-Conversion of Isometric Views to Orthographic Views and Vice Versa 11.1-11.8
  12. CHAPTER 12-Sections of Solids 12.1-12.13
  13. CHAPTER 13-Freehand Sketching 13.1-13.6
  14. Computer Aided Design and Drawing (CADD) 14.1-14.26
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