10 Types of Column used in Construction

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1. Rectangular or Square column

This are mostly used column in building provide only if the shape of the room is square and rectangular.

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2. Circular column

They mostly used for pilling and elevation of building also in bridges.

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3. L Shape column

A framed structure can use an L-shaped column as a corner column.

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4. T Shape column

This type of column are used in bridges pullers depending on design requirement.

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5. V  Shape column

This type of column are used mainly for architectural design purpose

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6. Timber Column

By creating a sense of space, they provide an aesthetic appearance.

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7. Brick Column

they provide reinforcement with concrete to increase strength.

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8.  Steel Column

mainly used in steel structure as warehouse Indore shipyard.

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9.  Composite Column

it is used as mixing of various combination like structural steel and concrete.

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10.  Spiral Column

The main bar placed in a circle & the ties placed in spiral, mainly used in pilling