Diploma Civil Engineering 3rd Semester Book

  1. Surveying
    Reference Book——–
    1. Surveying and Leveling By N.N. Basak

    2. Surveying and Levelling vol. I and II By B.C Punmia
  1. Building Material and Construction

  2. Concrete Technology

  3. Mechanics of Structures

  4. Hydraulics
    A. A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines By R K Bansal Click Here To next Page

  5. Civil Engineering Drawing

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Jyotirmay Maity is a B.Tech Civil Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in various Civil Engineering field i.e. Geosynthetics, Building Design, Road, Draftsmanship, and Project Management. He is the founder of this blog and his motto is to share his experiences with you. You can connect with him via mail to [email protected].

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