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Important Technical terms used in Stairs

The use of stairs is to elevate from one level to another by arranging them in series. For designing a stair there are many technical terms are used for the staircase. And also staircase has different parts. In the bellow, we are discussing those Technical terms used in Stairs.

Below are the Technical terms used in stair case-


An apartment or room that contains stairs is called a staircase.


A horizontal platform or space located between stair steps for resting purposes or take a break is called a landing.


The sloping wooden members which are provided to support the ends of steps are called Stringers- For stairs of average width, two stringers are provided one adjacent to the wall and another outside. For wider stairs, an additional stringer may be provided in the middle.

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The wooden, metal or masonry vertical member which is provided to support a handrail, is called a baluster.

Technical terms used in Stairs

Hand rail-

The wooden or metallic rail, generally provided on the side of stairs at about waist height, to help the users to walk up, is called a handrail.


The combined framework of hand-rail and balusters, provided to perform the function of a fence for the users, is called a balustrade.


These are steps that alternate direction on a staircase by turning into angular or radiating steps.

Head room-

There is a minimum of 2.14 m between the tread and soffit of the flight just above, known as headroom.

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The outer projection of a tread is known as nosing.

Newel post-

A newel post is a vertical piece of wood used to join the strings and handrails at the ends of flights.


The horizontal upper part of a step that is used to rest the foot while ascending or descending the stairs is called tread.


Normally, the height difference between the flat surfaces of two consecutive steps is referred to as a rise.


R.C.C. stairs have a waist, which is the overall thickness of the structural slab.


The angle of inclination of the flight of the stair, with the floor, is called the pitch.


The moulding is used under the nosing to add aesthetic appeal to the step elevation is scotia.

Soffit-The surface bottom of a stair is named as soffit.

Walking Line-

As people ascend or descend a stairway, their movement along the stairway is known as a walking line.

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